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Chris Woo

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Background information and interests

I present my queer self.

I. The command of my being — the sovereign of experiences. Race. Malaysian-Chinese. A 'fresh banana'. White in the inside, yellow on the outside. Orientalism — what I know, what I live. Gay. My jouissance, my choice. My narcissism, my solipsism. My cock, my anus. Mine to dictate.

Interests. Queer — my scythe to decapitate. Behead the maws of idiotic prejudice. Performance. The carnivalesque dance — the excessive waste of energy. Movement. In theatre. Always dance the aleatoric beat. Pedagogy. The demesne of war. Fighting to re-claim, to re-make, to re-image. Battling to hope, to dream, to envisage. The world without ends. Like the passions of the pedagogue. Sex. Perversion. The fundamental of desire. The continuation of pleasure. Transgressions. The potent force of existence.

Worry. Fear. Anxiety. Investment. The inevitable, the undeniable. The catalyst to madness and/or genius. Communication. The apprehension. They do not see my visions. Am I conveying illusions? Question. An anathema. Cursed disposition for those unfulfilled. Constantly running. The miles of confusion. Wasted by satisfaction.

The frivolity of words and truncated imageries; it makes no sense. It is all right. It is me. It is mine. It is all mine. But if you share, take it all. Mutilate, dismember, and shatter it all. Interpret and misinterpret, I do not care. I am now extraordinarily bare.

[Chris Woo is a PhD candidate in Murdoch University, completing in 2005. His research investigates the pedagogical mobilisation of queer studies. His primary interest is centred on the queerness of the 'pentahedron' of sexualities – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and heterosexuality. This dissertation uses the matrix of sexual representation in cinema and television to exemplify and activate this pedagogical model. Chris has taught Introduction to Cultural Studies, Introduction to Screen Studies, Introduction to Media and Communication, Mass Communication 1, Research and Research Presentation, Documentary, and Industrial Image Making. He is currently the coordinator for Introduction to Cultural Studies in Taylors College.]

Theatre productions
Chris Woo (dir. and writ.), Trip and Hop, Perth: HYST?! Productions, 2000.

Chris Woo (music dir. and comp.) and Chris Solosy (comp.), Much Ado About Nothing, Rebecca Bradley (dir.), Perth: Bedlam Theatre, 2001.

Chris Woo (music dir. and comp.) and Chris Solosy (comp.), Hamlet, Sarah Locksley (dir.), Perth: Bedlam Theatre, 2002.

Chris Woo (flautist), Summer Crimes, Marlene Odea (dir.), Perth: Fringe Festival Theatre, 2002.

Conference papers
"Cultural Corridors: From a Classed Past to a Technologised Future", 2nd panellist, Alchemies: Community Exchanges, 7th Annual Humanities Graduate Research Conference (Perth, Curtin University of Technology, 2003).

"Queer Ass Fuck: Fuck Politics of the Abject Arse in Queer As Folk", The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars for Queer Research (Dublin, University College Dublin, 2004).

Nominated for Vice-Chancellor's Excellence in Teaching Award, Murdoch University, 2003.


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