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Valentin Fyrst

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Background information and interests

Valentin has a background in Business Administration, Psychology (clinical and organisational) and French. Valentin is employed as a Business Relationships Coordinator within the Works Delivery Division of Western Power (Electricity Networks Corporation) focusing on the development of agreements and contractual arrangements (external and internal), as well as on the review and improvement of internal business processes.

Valentin was previously employed as a Project Officer within the Electricity Reform Implementation Unit of the Office of Energy (Western Australia) where he had extensive involvement in the development, drafting and approval processes underpinning the restructure of the Western Power Corporation into its four successor entities. This $4.7 billion transaction was a key milestone of the Western Australian Government's electricity reform.

Although Valentin's main focus at the Office of Energy was on policy and regulatory issues, he also managed development and publishing processes for the following publications and websites, allowing for the application of his creative skills:

Energy Western Australia 2005;
Energy Supply and Demand in Australia: The Years Ahead.

Independent Market Operator (development);
Gas Retail Deregulation Project (development); and
Office of Energy (redevelopment project management).

Valentin has also published a Master's Thesis titled Personal Style Inventory vs. Employee Retention: The Next Generation of Personality Assessments Comes to the Rescue of an Aging Business Problem, which is held by the Saint Martin's University library in Washington State, USA.

Valentin has a passion for music, which involves listening to a variety of genres from classical to heavy metal, playing piano/keyboards, singing, song writing and composing instrumental pieces.

Valentin also enjoys creative writing, often drawing inspiration from contemplations and observations occurring during his commute to and from work as illustrated in a piece titled, "TrancePerth".


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