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Felicity Poole

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Movie posters that are slathed on the walls mask the fact that my room rivals the size of a sardine can and will probably one day cave in on me while I am sleeping; I try make myself look smart by filling my shelves with well-known books from the last century that I never end up reading because they are stritctly display only; My closet used to be designated into certain clothes groups (such as "winter", "summer", "don't-ever-been-seen-wearing-this-in-public") but are now slotted into whatever draw looks the least full; I have recently found and adopted a cat (who looks a lot like the one I was mean to have found) that I just found out was lactose-intolerant after I had been giving it milk all week; I am scared of rabbits, whales and that kid who wears the yellow raincoat in the B-grade horro flick, Milo.

Tyler Durden is my God, Fight Club my bible; I was addicted to Jelly-Tip ice-creams for a year, but am now completely past the withdrawal symptoms; My left leg is exactly one centimetre shorter than my right, and I am absolutely convinced that I will get skin cancer by the time I reach thirty; I have no intentions of wearing white to my wedding, I have pale skin, and everyone will think I'm wearing a full-body suit; I have the musical taste of a frustrated fourteen-year old boy, which for the ill-advised and politically correct is punk, apparently; and finally, I didn't realise my real name was 'Felicity' until Year Three, which, as you can imagine, was a bit of a shock to me.

I was part of the Barking Gecko Loudmouth program and helped write up the script for the play Alice@Wonderland , and my short story, "The Hitchhiker" was published in the Creative World Anthology.


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