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Garan Lewis

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I started off studying Media Studies at undergraduate level at Murdoch University, until I realised that systemic analysis of the media is not actually studied here and only training to become part of the media is on offer. I discovered Cultural Studies by accident, and like the freedom it offers, which is unlike most disciplines which have narrow parameters of expression. I'm now majoring in Political Science and minoring in Cultural Studies. I see a crisis in the world due to the accelerating unchecked rise of corporate power which threatens the existence of democracy. The subordination of everything to the goal of profit has devastated the environment and placed humans on the endangered species list. Dance, drama, music and other expressions of human experience are separated from their community origins in order to be sold to those who can pay for them. Private ownership of much of the cultural means of production has resulted in cultural products where ideas, values and ethics that conflict with corporate ideology are filtered out. Vital creative work by artists, intellectuals and musicians necessary for human evolution, is marginalised very effectively. In commercial television the audience becomes the product, the television channel then sells the audience to the advertiser. A culture that largely excludes important critiques and dissent, facilitates the undemocratic, unaccountable domination of society by a wealthy minority. I see an urgent need to follow the advice of the Kenyan writer, Ngugi Wa Thiongo to "decolonise the mind".


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