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Becky Johnson

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Background information and interests

I'm studying BA Communication and Media Studies at Brighton University. I'm enjoying having the freedom and time to 'find myself' at uni (and doing it in Brighton clearly the best place to be!); what I like, don't like, love and hate. However I do know that I've always been passionate about art, am a media whore, love to be creative, expressive, am a total bookworm, and enjoy most visual, written and sound art forms…I like to explore culture, think abstractly, theorise and link things together…and want to channel all of this into something one day I can build a career out.

I adore film and cinema, being extremely interested in film theory and production, I'm also passionate about photography and would like to develop my skills and explore these areas further.

However, I'm attracted to so many forms of popular culture be it film, art, design, music, fashion, photography, writing and so on I'm finding it hard to chose a direction and stick by it!

I live for new experiences, my main goal in life is to live it to the full; my motto being if I'm scared of something or have never done it before that's precisely why I should!

I'm very organised. Can't help it!

I want to travel the world and having a globetrotting sort of career would be just peachy.

I have fears of eyeballs, stray hairs, and creatures of the sea.


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