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Luke Jacques

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Being born in Tasmania makes you realise pretty quickly you may as well have been born in another country. When I moved to Melbourne to escape the less than tolerant attitudes towards people of my 'persuasion' bandied around Tasmania at the time, people from the 'mainland' would start … to … speak … to … me … very … slowly when they found out I was from Tasmania. After tiring of soaking up the hedonism that was Melbourne, I moved to the equally hedonistic Bangkok to teach English for six months. I immediately fell in love with Thailand and set out to learn the language as quickly as I could. By the end of two years and countless Beer Singhs I was, dare I say a fluent Thai speaker although I couldn't have read my way out of a 7/11. Travelling around Thailand and Laos and being able to have a conversation with everybody was fantastic, it was a totally new way to express myself, although nobody was ever especially thrilled when I'd belt out the lyrics to Thai pop songs when getting hammered in a bar (oddly Perth people seem quite happy to reproduce that particular prejudice). After Bangkok I wound up here in Perth and have finished my Communications and Cultural Studies/Asian studies degree, graduating with First Class Honours. The beauty of my double major is that I was able gain self-reflexive perspectives on both Australian and Asian cultures.

I am really interested in mobilising Cultural Studies theory to investigate how gay identities are constructed both here and in Asia and how and why they change.


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