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Lisa Evans

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Background information and interests

I'm an animator, primarily focussed on character animation which I think is a magical way to express myself by giving life to inanimate characters. The medium I use is digital 3-D animation. I was lucky to end up in this career, as I started out with a Physics degree and a lot of disillusionment about my earlier plan to be an Astrophysicist. Finding a way to combine my technical, scientific side with my creative, artistic side in a job I could enjoy day after day is one of my biggest achievements. As with all animators, however, all my inspiration and knowledge has to come from real life, and I make sure to do as many things as I can to keep observing the world and learning how people move, think and feel. I have always enjoyed dancing, including ballet as a child, flamenco, bellydancing, salsa, and recently tango. Plus I sing in a community choir, with a focus on African and other world music styles. I'm also a big movie buff, but most of all I just love watching the world around me.

I am credited in a number of student short films, but the biggest professional projects I've been involved in for now are the Access 31 station ID (played every 30 minutes or so on TV), and Scitech's new Planetarium show "Launch Pad", a 30 minute show that's played nearly every day to masses of school children.

We (Raging Pixel Productions) are currently securing funding for another Planetarium show, based on the Fibonacci Sequence, and looking for a concept for a short film.


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