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Rania el Agami

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Background information and interests

I was born and raised In London to Egyptian or rather Alexandrian Parents. I write this as I sit on the busy shores of Alexandria enjoying the sun. My Parents educated me a very spiritual sense helping me explore my heritage through books, music and dance as well as dramatically fantastic Egyptian movies and wildly exciting Soap Operas. My life would never be the same with the effects on Egyptian drama on my life! I reflected a great a deal of my passion for the Middle East on my art works and letter went on to explore the history of Belly dancing or Raqs Sharqi which is the correct term. I am infatuated with Egyptian dancers and the role of Egyptian and Arab women.

After four wonderful years at Chelsea school of art and Design I decided to explore my Egyptian routes quite literally by making a drastically bombastic move to Egypt. Having not made many visits to Egypt I suffered from the Cairo blues as well as a huge culture shock. I experiences an exciting cultural revolution within my life in more ways than once. I gave up my career as a Textile Designer, Fashion Editor and Television presenter for Arab TV (MBC) along with my big move. I began a journey of teaching at international schools in Cairo (which was my original plan for a year or so). Nine years later I can quite safely say that developed a deep passion for teaching in combination with getting to know Egypt.

I have survived the whirlwind of Cairo's madness and developed a deep respect and understanding for this intensely rich place. I am currently working on my Masters in Education with the College of New Jersey. I run a lovely Art department for Middle and High School as well as helping in the development of a special needs department.
Through my teaching and challenging life experience I have delved into the lives as well as cultural experiences of Egyptians. I have experienced a deep spiritual journey that has helped me recognize my identity as an Anglo Arab.

Most recently I have delved a lot deeper into Middle Eastern women lives examining the high rise in divorce rate in all walks of life and ages as well as changes in cultural identity as well as many more controversial topics. I also hope that through my writing I help bridge boarders as well as develop dialogue of understanding a and communication within the Middle East as well as better understanding of the Middle East and breaking down of stereotypes. I hope to create healthy ways of expression and kill off aggression. I have recently been accepted at the prestigious Brighton University to do a Masters in Creative Media. And am currently looking for funding so any advice or help would be fantastic!


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