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Zana Dear

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Hi my name is Zanna, I am 24 and I am a third year undergrad media & comm's student at Brighton Uni. University has, just as it should do, really woken me up. It has taught me that above all else despite my love of the arts and all things visual I am a language based soul. Language is my first and last and always has been, but it is only now that I am embarking properly on a journey to, living, breathing and understanding all of it that I can. Studying and writing gives me a natural adrenaline (born of sensations of genuine worthwhile achievement) that renders the effects of any of the not so legal extra curricular activities I used to partake of, pale in comparison. I am deeply passionate about excellent writing and research, its the only way for the mind to fully form its ideas.

My present focus is upon the publishing world, not much talked of here in terms of popular culture, but I feel it is an industry that will be ever growing in importance. Especially for those of us growing-up believing in the creative economy and its ability to brighten our economic futures, whilst exciting and satisfying not only our creativity but also our blending of work and life.

I absolutely love life, I love yoghurt, chocolate, humorous, my wonderful family and my gorgeous, supportive and encouraging boyfriend.

I hate Jeremy Kyle (both man and show), Grazia etc, girls more reminiscent of poorly inflated blow-up dolls in drag than women, and stubbing my toe.


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