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Nick Chinna

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Background information and interests

My name is Nick Chinna. I hold a first class Bachelor degree in history and communication and cultural studies. I am currently a PhD student in cultural studies. My honours dissertation investigated the critical deployment of disability studies in relation to masculinity and the body. My areas of academic interest and developing expertise include disability studies, gender studies and cultural history. I also have interests in popular culture including the history and development of popular art mediums including comic books and graphic novels and the relationship between these mediums and other popular texts. I am particularly interested in how these mediums have developed in Europe and Japan, although I have no tolerance for misogynist or sexually exploitative imagery. Rather, I am intrigued by how such media can function as empowering sites for marginal or disempowered groups.

Research I have currently completed includes a critical overview of disability studies and its (lack of a) relationship with mobility studies, and an intertextual analysis of the works of David Morley and Jurgen Habermas in relation to conceptions of citizenship and the public sphere. The question of what informed and responsible citizenship entails continues to interest me.


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