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Renee Chapple

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Background information and interests

I'm studying at Murdoch University to become a drama teacher, which means I get to deal with a large amount of the bad decisions made by the government, including (but not limited to) OBE, HECS fees, funding cuts, VSU, and, of course, physical science departments. When I finish my degree, I'm hoping to spend a year over in England, where I'm told OBE actually works, and then do my masters, as I was inspired by Tara and her Creative Industries unit. You will usually find me picking a fight with my flatmate which consists of nothing but the words "Ya-huh!" and "Nuh-uh!". I like to call this performance art. I have an interest in pretty much everything that is controversial, from OBE to celebrity baby names, and I will never back down from a fight over such things (especially celebrity baby names). I've been studying music for 12 years, with 6 years in contemporary, and the skill of someone who's been studying for half as long. Similarly, I have been studying drama for around 5 years, with the skill of someone who has been studying for 2. I am hoping that PCC will open up new opportunities for me, such as being able to say "Look! I'm on a website! Please give me a job!"

Favourite TV shows
Spicks and Specks; The Glass House; Absolute Power; Teachers; Bromwell High; The Office; Coupling; Doctor Who

Favourite Movies
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Love Actually, Chocolat; Pirates of the Caribbean; Schindler's List; Closer

Favourite Music
The Whitlams; the Dresden Dolls; The Clash; Johnny Cash; Crowded House; Fleetwood Mac; Billy Joel; James Blunt; Damien Rice; Rufus Wainwright; the Beatles; Eskimo Joe


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14 years 5 weeks