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Sonia Bellhouse

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Background information and interests

I am currently researching my Honours topic Triumph of the Trolley, a project which explores the pace of change in grocery retailing in Britain in the 1950's and 1960's.The topic is of personal interest as my family owned a grocery shop.I hope to incorporate my personal history into a larger context and use both memoir and research to produce a creative non fiction piece. I recently completed my BA in English, with minors in social history and cultural studies ( a passion I disovered since coming to university).I am a member of The University of Adelaide's Research Centre for the History of Food and Drink

Recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence 2007.

As a part time student at Murdoch University I enjoy both the university experience and meeting others with similar interests.

My major passions in life are reading and writing. I probably suffer from abibliphobia (fear of running out of reading material). I am an inveterate reader, and have read 4-6 books a week for many years. These days the Semester breaks provide me with the time to read purely for pleasure. I usually have at least one book 'on the go' whilst completing uni work. Choices range through general fiction, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy.

Convenor of The Westfield Reading Group — a library-based reading group: which sources books through the public library system. The group began in 1997 and presently has fourteen members. We read all genres and try to have a mix of literary, classic and popular fiction.

Watching: The Simpsons; Futurama; Myth Busters; Spics and Specs; Dr Who; The IT Crowd; Red Dwarf

I would love to visit King Ludwig of Bavaria's castle at Neuchwanstein. This was used
by Walt Disney for the castle in the Magic Kingdom.

To continue to be published (and paid!)
To challenge myself with my educational goals.
To support others in their creative efforts and work co-operatively.
To have a long and wonderful life.

"Books may be the only magic" — Alice Hoffman
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
Live your dream, don't dream your life.

"Another Bride, Another Groom" in Today's Bride
"A Penny a Bucket" in Best of British
"A Family Tradition" in The People’s Friend

Short pieces that I have written have appeared in Super Food Ideas, The Sunday Times, Good Reading Reading Magazine and Woman's Day.

"Restless Redundancy" in The Revolution Will Not be Downloaded: Dissent in the Digital Age, Edited by Tara Brabazon Chandos publishing.

Historical Biography. Feminist history. British social history 1950s-1960s. Books about retailing, consumption and the female consumers.


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