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Christina Lee

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Background information and interests

Christina Lee is Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, specialising in film, at Curtin University of Technology (Western Australia). She received her doctorate from Murdoch University under the supervision of Professor Tara Brabazon. The dissertation looked at shifting representations of youth in post-1980s teen cinema, focusing upon American and British filmic texts. Her Honours thesis was a socio-cinematic intersection of women's lived experiences in contemporary China and their cultural representations (supervisor: Professor Stephanie Donald, UTS).

Christina's fields of research include popular memory studies, time travel in film, youth cinema and post-Generation X. In addition to her long-standing love affair with the 1980s golden era of teen films, Christina is particularly interested in Chinese cinema and the war genre in motion pictures. She is currently working on an edited collection on history, memory and nostalgia in motion pictures (Continuum Books), and a research monograph on youth cinema (Ashgate Publishing).

In addition to teaching, Christina is also a research consultant and videographer for the British-originated performance art group pvi collective now based in Perth. The eclecticism of her work experience has seen her interviewing gold medal athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics in the capacity of reporter, interning at a Hollywood production house on Sunset Boulevard, working as technical assistant and researcher on performance-video-installation art pieces and short films, to leading agricultural study tours in Switzerland.

As a self-professed cinephile, Christina cites "Aliens", "Dead Poets Society", "Pretty in Pink", "The Professional" and Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" triptych among her all-time favourite movies. Her outside hobbies include travelling, taekwondo, running, listening to music and writing. She is willing to try anything once - as long as it doesn't land her in jail.

Contemporary Youth Cinema: Generation X, Politics and Popular Memory, in progress, commissioned by Ashgate Publishing (Aldershot, UK)

Violating Time: History, Memory and Nostalgia in Cinema, Christina Lee (ed.), in progress, commissioned by Continuum Books (New York, USA)

"Dot-com, dot-bomb: (Cyber)terror on the Internet", in Access All Areas: The Making Of An E-Democracy, Tara Brabazon (ed), forthcoming in 2006

"Let me entertain you" in TTS Australia: Critical Reader, Bec Dean (ed.) Perth: PICA, 2005, pp. 17-18

"Party people in the house(s): The hobos of history" in Liverpool of the South Seas: Perth and Its Popular Music, Tara Brabazon (ed.), Crawley: University of Western Australia Press, 2005, pp. 43-52

"Mulan illustration? Ambiguous women in contemporary Chinese cinema", in Images of the 'Modern Woman' in Asia: Global Media, Local Meanings, Shoma Munshi (ed.) Surrey: Curzon Press, 2001, pp. 123-37 (Joint authorship with Stephanie Donald)

"Taking out the trash: Popular memory and the films of Molly Ringwald", Cultural Studies Review, forthcoming March 2007 issue

"Lock and load(up): The action body in The Matrix", Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, Vol. 19 (4), 2005, pp. 559-69

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"Super Size Me: Film review", The Film Journal, Issue 9, July 2004

"You Must Remember This: The Teen Time Traveller", Everyday Transformations: The Twenty-First Century Quotidian, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA) Annual Conference, Murdoch University: Murdoch, Australia, 9-11 December 2004

"Donnie Darkest: Master of the Universe?", Beyond the Frame: Transcending Borders in Cinema, Annual Graduate Student Conference, San Francisco State University: San Francisco, United States of America, 14-16 October 2004

"Taking Out the Trash: Remembering Molly Ringwald", Culture Incorporated: Bodies, Technologies, Habitats, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference, Christchurch Arts Centre: Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand, 6-8 December 2003

"Lock and Load(up): The Action Body in The Matrix", Alchemies: Community Exchanges, 7th Annual Humanities Graduate Research Conference, Curtin University of Technology: Bentley, Australia, 6-7 November 2003


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