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Rachel Shave

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Background information and interests

Rachel Shave is currently undertaking her Phd at Murdoch University, in the School of Media Communication and Culture. Rachel's thesis explores how ideology is inscribed on and through the body. Her dissertation focuses on the armpit and the issues of power circulating this site.

Rachel's was awarded joint Honours in English & Comparative Literature and Communications studies in 2003, reflecting her interest in both literary and cultural studies. Her thesis, "Slash Fiction: Probing the Spaces and Stretching the Paradigms" expands slash theory by utilising the concepts of jouissance, carnival and the carnivalesque.

Areas of research interest include gender and body politics, film, music, media fandom and its fiction, multiculturalism and intercultural relations.

A husband, two cats and other family members keep Rachel busy when her time is not taken up with studying. Reading, film, and walking also consume large quantities of time.


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