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Tara’s 10 tips for interviews

January 3, 2009 by Tara Brabazon

Being interviewed is stressful. Really stressful. I hope the following checklist helps you prepare for this important — but often quite terrifying "opportunity". Please contact Tara if she can be of any further assistance.

Tara's 10 tips for interviewing

  1. Understand the organization.
  2. Get your head right. Focus. Concentrate. Control nerves. Control your emotions. Breathe.
  3. Get your clothes right. Dress for the job like you already have it.
  4. Be there. Take no risks with the interview location. Get there two hours before you need to be there. Have a coffee. Relax. Go to the toilet. Get calm.
  5. Be confident. Before going into the interview repeat a single thought to yourself: "they are lucky to have me, I have a lot to offer." When you walk in — head back shoulders back — feel like you've already got the gig.
  6. Listen to the question. Answer what is asked, not what you would like to be asked.
  7. Pause before answering questions. Do not be frightened by the silence between the question and the answer. Hear and understand the question. Pause. Think. Then answer.
  8. Get your strengths and abilities across to the interview. Prepare five or six phrases that demonstrate your knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm.
  9. Reflect. As soon as possible after the interview — on the day — write down your impressions. What would you do differently?
  10. If you are successful — congratulations. If you are not, always ask for feedback. That is how you improve. Do not be shy. Ask for feedback.