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This page of the Popular Culture Collective records members' contribution to public conversations about popular culture.

The Google Generation?
Three of our members, Abigail Purdy, Grantley Greene and Zanna Dear participated in the Gartner's Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit in 2008. They explored the impact of the web on the contemporary generation's information literacy skills. Read more.

Women and Football
Dr Debbie Hindley, Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, The University of Western Australia talked to ABC Country Radio about the 150 Years of Australian (Rules) Football Conference being held in Melbourne on 15 July. She said that while women have a long association with the game, particularly as spectators, their overall contribution to the maintenance of the game has been under recognised.

Dr Debbie Hindley spoke to 7Perth's Today Tonight programme at 6.30pm on Wednesday 23 July about her research on the deregulation of retail trading hours in Perth, Western Australia. She spoke of the anomalies in the current Retail Trading Hours Act and the tourism precinct in Perth where consumers can purchase goods clearly not meant for the tourism market.

The Spice Girls
Dr Amanda Evans-Tuite and Professor Tara Brabazon wrote the first refereed article about the Spice Girls. It was published in the journal Social Alternatives. A decade later, Tara was asked to comment on this research for the Canadian magazine, MacLean's.

Google is White Bread for the Mind
Tara Brabazon's inaugural address at the University of Brighton was titled "Google is White Bread for the Mind". A series of press reports emerged, including "Media content, concentration and pluralism in Europe in the digital age," published by, May 2, 2008.