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News clippings — April 2007

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April 1, 2007 by Tara Brabazon

Great news from three of our members this month. As we reported last month, Nick Chinna graduated with first class honours. He has got in touch with the collective this month to tell us about his postgraduate research. Continuing his interests in citizenship and democracy, he is re-evaluating the historiography of the Enlightenment in relation to the contemporary debates concerning the limits of citizenship, democracy and the public sphere. He remains interested in constructing an inclusive, multicultural, democratic and egalitarian body politics. As always, we wish him every success with his project and look forward to continual updates.

Great news from Amanda Lastoria, our wonderful member based in the U.K. I first met Amanda when she was an editor at Routledge. She was terrific to work with, demonstrating that rare combination of intelligence, wit and persistence. After leaving Routledge, Amanda moved to a fantastic position at The Folio Society. They produce beautiful books in hardback, often of classic works in both fiction and non fiction. Amanda has decided to move again, this time to Toronto in Canada. She is becoming a freelance editor. Amanda's intelligence is matched by her courage and clarity of thought. As with Nick, we wish her every success. She is simply one of the best editors I have ever worked with. The world remains her oyster.

The final part of news is from our great member Liz. She is about to finish her degree and is completing the final part of her qualification in an independent study contract at Murdoch University. She is studying 'Cyber-Bullying; the impact of new technologies on teenagers.' As a favour to Liz, could those of you with teenagers in your household or in your wider family give Liz some feedback about the public lives of young people on the web, such as through MySpace, YouTube and mobile phone cultures. If anyone has any information-statistics or readings-that may help Liz, she would appreciate any help. I know Mike and Jo have some data in this area, but any ideas would be great for our active member.

I look forward to all the news in May-and the updates from Nick, Amanda and Liz.