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News clippings — December 2006

December 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

There are a few major projects brewing with members that I will be able to report through January, particularly from Sonia, Meg, Leanne and Antonio, I thought I would use this final news report for the year to announce our new innovation to the PCC that will commence on January 10.

For about two years, we have been assessing the benefits and disadvantages of blogs to this website. We are not a 'me too!' kind of community. We wanted to add something important to the work that we do, that would also be useful to members as they were moving through the different stages of their personal, professional and political lives. We were also concerned that members' work was not being effectively displayed through the site — particularly music. But we also wanted to avoid all corporate logos and advertising. We are not sponsored. We never have been sponsored. We never will be sponsored. In a world where people are paid for their words, we have always valued our independence. Therefore, any initiative had to be independent and devoid of advertising.

Now seemed a good time to introduce two blogs to our PCC site, each with a different focus. As always, members can contribute as much or as little as they like to these initiatives, opting in and out to suit their schedules and interests. One of the sites is dedicated to the hubs, with each operating the space for six weeks. Some of these events will be linked to a public event — such as Debbie's Tackling Sport hub. Others will take a long-term issue and explore it with members. Titled HUBLOG, the first how- commencing on January 15 — will be the Body Works hub. Min Young, hub leader, will be working through discussions with members about Deviant Bodies. We are interested how flesh, fatness, class, resistance and work are operating around in and through our bodies. Should be terrific. I am really looking forward to this session.

The other hub is dedicated to our Book Club. Each month, we will select a book to discuss. I will lead this discussion for the first year, but am very happy to move it to other members if you feel like taking the lead. This idea emerged through our journalists wanting to be introduced to some new ideas to keep their own praxis fresh and interesting. Hopefully our writers, film makers and activists will also find the process useful. Our first book will be Howard Zinn's Original Zinn. This blog — PCCBOOKBLOG — commences on January 10, and will proceed through each calendar month. I will try to compile a full list of books for the year by that date, so that everyone can prepare with plenty of time.

I hope you will be actively part of these blogs, and that you find them useful, fun and thought provoking.

It is my final task of the year to thank all our members who work above and beyond the call of duty. Our Web Designer and Web Mistress, Jo Smith has had another exemplary year keeping the site moving. We could not complete our work without her. To Paul, curator and manager of the Mezzanine, we pass on respect to our own man in the long black coat. Ange has been editor extraordinaire. Rach has kept us aware of all the moments in academic and creative communication. The hub kings and queens have kept their kingdoms bubbling through the year. My particular thanks to Leanne and Mike for continuing to believe that collectivity and community matter in these dark times.

We move forward from here.