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News clippings — November 2006

November 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

November has been a bumper month. I think we have the record for the most remarkable achievements happening to members. As we talked about in October — there are plenty of amazing accomplishments that I can't yet report because they are yet to be publicly released — but you are all changing the world, one person and one popular cultural moment at a time.

Firstly, news to report from our Senior Researcher and hub leader of the Creative Industrial Matrix. Leanne McRae has been teaching half the population of Western Australia this year. Yet while incredibly busy, her entry with Antonio Cerrone, composed of photography and prose, has just been accepted by the Cultural Studies Association of Australia conference. In December, I will be able to give you the URL so that we can visit the site. The exhibition was based around concepts of 'UnAustralia' (as in the continent that houses UnAustralian behaviour … ) Well done to Leanne and Antonio. We all look forward to seeing the results in December. It was competitive and it is a credit to their entry that they made the final exhibition.

Once more this month, it is my pleasure to report Sonia Bellhouse's achievements. She has written freelance pieces on the pressures that Baby Boomers face funding their Generation Xer children's lifestyle and a piece written in response to a survey reporting that happiness has decline in the last fifty years. She is currently drafting pieces junk food and nuclear power stations in Australia's urban environment. Well done, Sonia. Another creative and successful month. I will report where these freelance publications have been published in the coming weeks.

I also received a wonderful series of emails from Jodie Bonomini, our film maker extraordinaire. She worked on the Amazing Race when it came through Perth and has been active in advertising shoots. She also was the set designer for The Disturbance. Jodie is currently planning future opportunities, so if other film makers and writers in the Collective are also planning projects, we will organise an online strategy meeting to build up networks and partnerships. Well done to Jodie for her talent, insight and strategic planning.

Great news from Christina Lee, the head of our Sound and Vision Unit. Her contract at Curtin University was renewed for another year. She has been profoundly successful in 2006, and I am certain that 2007 will be filled with her professionalism, humour and intelligence.

Great news also from Nick Chinna. He submitted his honours dissertation on November 2 and we are awaiting the result — which I will report in December! He has also applied for a PhD candidature and scholarship. We all wish him every success in this future and I look forward to reporting his continual achievements.

As to achievements, one of our very special members — Reece Harley — has been appointed President of Murdoch University's student organisation. He is a brilliant person with a deep belief in social justice and social inclusion. No one is better placed for that role. Congratulations Reece.

Similarly, I heard from Pippa Doyle. Some of you may remember that we heard she was about to move into a high profile radio position. Now I can announce it to the PCC. Pippa is now the ABC's Mornings Producer in the Goldfields. What an achievement. She is a terrific person with a great voice and a first rate mind. Pippa can do anything. She is now on the big media stage. Anything is possible.

It is also my pleasure to finish off this November news with our enthusiastic and remarkable member, Cat Jack. As you know, our Cat has been travelling around the world. She has always been a global citizen. But we've been talking throughout November about her new interest in event management. It captures all her expertise in media studies, PR, popular music and popular culture. She is currently assessing potential opportunities in festivals and is looking for an internship. When I taught Cat, she was simply one of the most original thinkers I had ever met. She saw the big picture — far bigger than I could see. There is something incredibly appropriate about our woman of vision, passion and commitment sharing her love of the event and the moment with others. Cat, we will support you through this next stage in your journey. Well done. Really well done.

What an outstanding month. Congratulations to you all. What will December bring?

Be well