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News clippings — June 2007

May 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

Once more, great news from our active members. Our News Clippings for June has a strong feminine inflection, so off we go!

Since Debbie Hindley submitted her PhD thesis In the Outer — Not on the Outer: Women and Australian Rules Football in late February, she's kept busy. She has had two public speaking engagements. In March, she was interviewed on RTR by the PCC's own Leanne McRae to talk about women's involvement with Australian Rules Football. In May, the AFL invited Debbie to speak at their AFL Women's Forum in Subiaco. The MC for the evening was Dixie Marshall, Channel Nine News Presenter. Debbie spoke on the diversified roles of women in AFL.

Debbie has also had discussions on two research proposals with the Western Australian Football Commission's newly appointed Women's Development Officer Jan Luckman. The first research proposal is under consideration by the WAFC and will research and write the history of women's Australian Rules Football in Western Australia. Debbie has also recently returned from Canada where she visited the University of British Columbia.

From all of us, congratulations Debbie. You are not only an active worker in the Collective, but also the Community. We all thank you for your time and efforts.

Another of our active members, Sonia Bellhouse, is developing an incredibly successful writing career. This month, she has successfully published an article, titled "A penny a Bucket" into the June issue of The Best of British. It is her second professional publication. We are fortunate in the PCC that many of her articles are available on this website, but I am sure we are all thrilled for Sonia. Well deserved success.

Our final news is from the hub convener of City Imaging. Kathryn Locke travelled to the United States in June to deliver a conference paper. What she found most memorable from the trip was the incredible diversity of the United states: "from the heaving streets of New York, to the university town of Bowling Green." She presented a paper on the changes faced by education in a conservative political climate and changing economic expectations. The conference was titled Battleground States: Scholarship in a time of crisis. Kathryn has also been teaching at Curtin University in the first half of 2006, along with other Collective members, Christina, Chris and Adam.

Well done to all — see you in July