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News clippings — May 2006

May 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

What a successful month this has been. Our members continue to show extraordinary levels of achievement and development. We are part of a remarkable group of people, and it is my pleasure to report on their achievements.

Firstly, Christina Lee — head of our Sound and Vision hub — as been working very hard as an academic at Curtin University in Western Australia through 2006. She has had a remarkable success in May, finding out that her first book has been accepted by Ashgate in the United Kingdom. It is a remarkable project investigating Generation X film. In the difficult publishing environment at the moment, this is an important achievement. Also, Christina reported to us that one of her great articles, "Lock and Load (up)" received remarkable feedback from a Professor IT in South Africa. He found her details off our website.

Our active member and consultant for the PCC, Valentin Fyrst has gained a great career advancement, becoming the Business Relationship Coordinator for Western Power. Valentin uses his extraordinary abilities in building relationships between organisations for our benefit. It is important for us to note though that he also has demonstrated great personal and career success.

Pippa Doyle sent me a great email telling us about her career achievements. She is working at Nova, a radio station in Perth. I taught Pippa several years ago. She has always been intelligent, compassionate and very funny. She has a gift for radio, and any station would be lucky to have her. Keep it going, Pippa. I've always though that you can do anything.

Natsu Power returned to Melbourne in January this year and is currently working at Level Two Music in that great music city. She is also enrolled in an architectural photography course. Natsu also has career goals to move into arts management and development. I am certain she will succeed, and we in the PCC will support and help you in any way we can.

Continuing on the theme of networking, career and community development, our thanks and respects go to Mike Kent who entered the PCC in a convention grant. Our organisation was short listed for this award — an extraordinary achievement — and they remained impressed by both Mike's commitment, energy and intelligence, along with our community goals.

I also had a great email from Cat Jack. She is travelling at the moment, experiencing South America. She's particularly enjoyed Brazil and Argentina, and is currently in Bolivia. While Cat will finish her Communication and Cultural Studies degree at Murdoch University next year, she now has a goal to study Spanish formally and become an interpreter. As always, the PCC will support Cat in her goals and we wish her a fantastic conclusion to her trip.

Well done to all — and I look forward to reporting your achievements for June.

Be well