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News clippings — March 2006

March 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

For this month's news, I particularly want to focus on our most traveled member of the PCC. He embodies so much of the 'project' of our work. As members know, Joel Matthews is currently completing his Masters degree in Japan at the moment. Yet he remains an active member of the Collective, and has contributed a fine chapter to our next book, Access All Areas.

For March News, I wanted to note his community service work in Japan. Currently, and besides his studies, he is working as a translator for a philanthropic organisation in Japan that is organising a Charity Film Festival in Kobe. Joel is the translator for the emails and correspondence between the United States and Japan.

His role captures what our best functions in the PCC can and should be. While Joel is a literal translator, all of us have a need to translate between the different groups in our society. Popular culture is a force of change, compliance or domination. It is up to use to use the pop to make a difference.

Well done, Joel. More news in April.