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News clippings — February 2006

February 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

Two special news items this month, involving two of our most proactive members whose careers and friendship has been one of the great — and complex — friendship has been one of the cornerstones of the PCC.

Debbie Hindley, our Tackling Sport, hub convener submitted her PhD this month. It was sent to the university two months ahead of schedule. It is a magnificent piece of research that not only re-establishes the role and place of women in Australian football, but re-establishes the role of Australian football in international sport.

Debbie is now moving into research consultancy posts, particularly focusing on reclaiming women's footballing history from 'the men's game.' She is a remarkable scholar, and it has been one of the great jobs and pleasures of my life to see her research develop.

Her team mate on the ball this month is Mike Kent. Mike just graduated from his PhD. The examiners all praised his work as revelatory, large in scale and important in its results. By bringing a discussion of social justice and social inequality back to digital culture, he has reminded us of the political work that is not only required in New Media Studies, but popular culture.

That these two great scholars and people — who worked together, tested each other, clashed, argued and improved each other — both produced remarkable PhDs, both of which were ahead of schedule, is a testament to their ability, talent and support for each other. There is a story — which I believe to be true — that after the 'big party' celebrating Mike's PhD completion, Debbie arrived at his house next morning, walked through the mess and the hangovers, and gave Mike a dozen 'Crownies' for his achievement.

These two people — who are so different in so many ways — have a respect for each other's differences, and that respect has created results for both of them. We in the PCC are lucky to have them — their leadership and friendship — as part of our organisation.

See you in March