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News clippings — January 2006

January 1, 2006 by Tara Brabazon

Congratulations again to all the efforts and work by members through January. Firstly, to matters digital Mike Kent has produced an evocative and powerful article on On Line Opinion, titled "Talking to Terrorists?" As we expect from Mike, it is a powerful intervention in the political truths that we can take for granted. It was a great pleasure to read, and every respect for his views.

So many other successes to report. Luke Jacques has attained First Class Honours. This is a remarkable achievement. He has worked so hard, and we hope to see much of his research through journal articles in the coming months. Congratulations, Luke.

Our Japanese correspondent and PCC member abroad, Joel Matthews. His Masters is going extremely well, and he is presenting a paper at the "Media and Identity in Asia" conference at Curtin University of Technology, at Sarawak in Malaysia from February 15-16. We'll hear from Joel how the conference went through the February News.

Two final parts of conference news are derived from two of our active members. Our Web Guru, Jo Smith has just returned from a success IASPM conference in Wellington. Her paper, on the Antipodeanness of Crowded House, attracted a huge audience and went extremely well. Well done, Jo.

And Rachel Shave, our Talks and conference facilitator, is off to the 2nd International Small Island Cultures Conference from February 9-13, 2006. She is completing a magnificent paper on cross-cultural communication through music for Perth's Seychelles community. We are so proud of you Rach, and look forward to hearing about your success upon your return.

See you in February.