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Director's cut — March 2005

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March 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

March's Director's Cut focuses on the special projects that are being developed in each of the hubs for the year. My congratulations to both members and the hub kings and queens for the fascinating ideas. I am particularly impressed by the palatte of visual and design work that is being developed for the year. It will add so much to our site/sight, and will also increase our visual literacy and visual thinking for the year.

Starting with the Tourist Wanderings hub, the idea is to ask all members to select an image and take a photograph of some form of tourism. It can be 'weird' icons, like big bananas, big pineapples, tourist landmarks or some exotic animal or object. Then, place a caption below this image. The trick of this project is to keep the words to a minimum. A single word may be appropriate, or more developed prose. However it is an experiment in the role of anchorage in limiting the meaning of images. So the task this year is to be part of a touristic, semiotic laboratory.

The Rhythm and Movement hub is continuing the visual theme. The R&M crew wishes to present a series of favourite gig photos. The process of reflection asks why this gig was important, and how the photograph captures something memorable about the night. Particularly, Felicity would like some thoughts from you about how photographs help us to construct remembrances of fandom and scenes, buildings and bands, DJs and music.

The Body hub has an intricate and affective project for the year. They want to think about grief and loss, and work through that process. It is an evocative and rich idea. So much of loss is felt bodily. So this notion of loss and grief can be explored through writing, visually or sonically. A fine idea and thank you to Valerie for thinking of this project.

Amanda Evans, head of the Crit Lit hub offers a brilliant suggestion to think about what is 'representative' of the first five years of the 2000s. It may be a song, a phrase, or an image. She sees it as popular memory in motion. Feel free to explore this idea as creatively as possible.

Speaking of creativity, the Creative Industrial Matrix wants to create a more critical, edgy year. Under the title Remaking Capitalism, the CIM hubsters will be thinking about documentaries such as Supersize Me, the Michael Moore suite and The Corporation, to explore how resistance exists in and through contemporary capitalism. Absolutely fascinating.

The final project of the year comes on the back of the successful City Imaging display last year. The theme this year is Dark Cities. Ooooooooh. The darkness can be interpreted in terms of edges, peripheries, attitudes, violence or the night time economy. I feel an Infinite Detail track coming on.

Good luck everyone. I've already got ideas percolating in my head, and a camera at the ready. The hub conveners will organise timelines on these projects, but start thinking.

See you in April.

Be well