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Mary's mix tapes

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January 3, 2009 by Mary Cull

Volume 1 — Sea shanties for the Modern-day Pirate
Side A
1. 'Original Pirate Material,' the Streets
2. 'Abandon Ship,' Busta Rhymes
3. 'Six Months in a Leaky Voat,' Split Enz
4. 'Rum and Coca-Cola,' Barry White
5. 'Burning and Looting,' Bob Marley
6. 'Booty Man,' Craig David
7. 'Fire Water Burn,' Bloodhound Gang
8. 'Pirate's Life,' the Vandals
9. 'Smoke on the Water,' Deep Purple
10. 'Island of the Honest Man,' Hot Hot Heat

Side B
1. 'Underwater Love,' Smoke City
2. 'River Sea Ocean,' Badly Drawn Boy
3. 'Sunken Treasure,' Wilco
4. 'Diamond Sea,' Sonic Youth
5. 'Sail Away,' David Gray
6. 'The Ship Song,' Nick Cave
7. 'Sea of Love,' Cat Power
8. 'Water Baby,' Sneaker Pimps
9. 'Sea people,' Emiliana Torrini
10. 'Pirates,' David Byrne

And remember everyone July 18th is National Hug a Pirate Day.

Volume 2 — Songs to Clap to
Side A
1. 'I Held Her in My Arms,' the Violent femmes
2. 'Float On,' Modest Mouse
3. 'Bucky Done Gun,' M.I.A
4. 'No You're Not,' Spoon
5. 'Harmonic Generator,' the Datsuns
6. 'We Used to be Friends,' Dandy Warhol's
7. 'On Top,' the Killers
8. 'True Faith,' New order
9. 'Love Sick,' Gangstar
10. 'Clap Your Hands,' Downsyde

Side B
1. 'Apache,' Grand master flash
2. 'Hey Ya,' Outkast
3. 'Leichester Square,' Rancid
4. 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love,' the Darkness
5. 'Keep Fishin',' Weezer
6. 'Hush,' Deep Purple
7. 'Waiting for Somebody,' Paul Westerburg
8. 'Pulse,' Front End Loader
9. 'Grace,' Supergrass
10. 'Never leave you,' Lumidee

Volume 3 — Happy Birthday to me
Side A
1. 'Happy Birthday to me,' Bright Eyes
2. 'Mary Mary,' Run DMC
3. 'Along Comes Mary,' Bloodhound Gang
4. 'Hail Mary,' Tupac
5. 'Mary,' Supergrass
6. 'Mary Had a Little Boy,' Snap
7. 'Mary Jane,' Cypress Hill
8. 'Oh Sweet Mary,' Janis Joplin
9. 'Mary Lou,' Frank Zappa
10. 'Have You Seen Mary,' Sponge

Side B
1. 'Mary,' Scissor Sisters
2. 'Crazy Mary,' Victoria Williams
3. 'Proud Mary,' Creedence Clearwater Revival
4. 'Mother Mary,' the Eels
5. 'Mary Ann,' Ray Charles
6. 'Hello Mary Lou,' Ricky Nelson
7. 'Mary Mary,' Monkees
8. 'Maryanne,' Bay City Rollers
9. 'Mary Long,' Deep Purple
10. 'Mary Lou,' Frank Zappa

Special bonus track
11. 'More Than a Feeling,' Boston

Volume 4 — Songs for Dry Rooting
Side A
1. 'Makin' Out,' the Darkness
2. 'Oh yeah,' Ash
3. 'All I wanna do is make love to you,' Heart
4. 'Ache for you,' Ben Lee
5. 'Turn off the light,' Nelly Furtado
6. 'Please Please Please Let me Get What I Want,' the Smiths
7. 'All fired up,' Pat Benatar
8. 'It's On,' Sean Paul
9. 'Spread,' Outkast
10. 'Backseat Love,' N*E*R*D

Side B
1. 'Sweet Harmony,' the Beloved
2. 'Hungry,' Kosheen
3. 'Work It,' Nelly featuring Justin Timberlake
4. 'Let's Get Physical,' Olivia Newton John
5. 'Naked as we Came,' Iron and Wine
6. 'Mutilated Lips,' Ween
7. 'Strange Currencies,' REM
8. 'Is this love?,' Whitesnake
9. 'Thanks that was fun,' Barenaked Ladies
10. 'Have a good sleep,' Hot Hot Heat