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Lyric on my Lip

January 3, 2009 by Felicity Cull

Lyric on my Lip, Full Cycle Records Bristol 2004

I recently went to the 33⅓ Festival run by Delirium and Agent Mad. I bought my ticket to see Bad Company and Moving Fusion, but it wasn't with memories of their sets that I left. Finding a seat for a breather, I was very soon up dancing as MC Tali began her set. MC Tali blew me away with her tracks and I spent the next few weeks searching for the CD. Lyric on my Lip is the kind of CD you listen to as soon as you can get the shrink wrap off the plastic case and it doesn't leave your stereo.

MC Tali is originally from New Zealand where she caught the drum and bass bug and she now resides in England where she is a part of the Full Cycle label. Her album successfully bridges many different genres, hip hop and drum and bass are interwoven in her ballads and her club dance tracks. MC Tali is interesting to say the least, she was discovered when she approached Roni Size and freestyled, as the story goes. None of the tracks are skippers - but some are standouts - the single 'Blazin' is an incredibly catchy track and it certainly filled up the dance floor live and 'Grey Days' is a moody and beautiful track with a great little jazzy follow up. 'Soul Star' is about her roots in New Zealand and is a very interesting look at the diaspora of talented artists from New Zealand to Australia and England.

In an industry often dominated by men, seeing a young woman doing so well is refreshing and inspirational for all female drum and bass fans. Her tracks and her video can be downloaded from her site