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Crit Lit

Convenor: Dr Amanda Evans-Tuite

Welcome to the Critical Literacy Hub!

It is hoped that this hub will investigate the ever-changing sphere of the everyday and the literacies required to critique it. Perhaps the most potent site for inquiry is the investment that we place in these cultural sites — and in turn how they are compiled and then catalogued into the critical literacies that we take for granted.

It must be noted that popular cultural artefacts do not reflect society, but are condensed catalogue of ideologies that are present in the everyday. It is pivotal to bear in mind that, “since ideologies are observable in material form only in practices, behaviours, institutions and texts in society, then need to examine these material forms seems extremely pressing” [G Turner, "Semiotic Victories: Media Constructions of the Maralinga Royal Commission", in J Frow and M Morris (eds.), Australian Cultural Studies: A Reader Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 1993, pp. 180-191]. Therefore, it is the role of this hub to examine these ideological spaces and ponder how these forms are transformed, and to what intensity, within popular culture.

We will engage with magazines, music, fashion, texts, images, architecture, economics, law, film and television — and we will ponder how these sites are thrashed out in the diverse areas of semiotics, popular memory, cultural geography, subcultural theory, textual analysis, fan theory and education theory (inc. adult and ELICOS education).

This is an open forum and you are all welcome to discuss whatever is nearest and dearest to you, make comments or workshop ideas of interest. It is hoped that you will weave in ideas that you have analysed in the other hubs and try to put them into practice here – be a critical and informed global citizen!