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Creative Industrial Matrix

Convenor: Leanne McRae

The Creative Industries are defined by complex connections between artists and creators, government and industrial interests. The university’s role within these industries is currently undertheorised and ambiguous at best.

I would like this hub to critically engage with the creative industries as they emerge as the shaping force for Australian universities and industry funding initiatives. This means firstly maintaining a flexible understanding of ‘creativity’ and how it is defined.

This hub will recognise that creativity cannot always be categorised and structured in acceptable or predictable ways.It will remain attentive of the ‘underground’ and unseen manifestations of creative behaviour embraced outside of empowered understandings of ‘art’ and ‘culture’.
Within this Creative Industrial Matrix there are four themes for members to ponder and problematise.

  • How can creative personnel effectively dialogue with each other, the government and industry? What structures, languages and spaces are needed for this to happen evenly and equitably?
  • What does a Creative Industries framework offer for effective intervention in social inequalities affecting youth, the disabled, gay identities, indigenous communities and other masked minorities and majorities?
  • What are the consequences when government displace their responsibilities for social well-being and growth onto industry? How is social justice monitored and measured?
  • How can a Creative Industries curriculum be taught in universities? What should be taught? Are universities creative industries?