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City Imaging

Convenor: Kathryn Locke

As Creative Industry ideas and strategies begin to seep into city planning and urban development, a central theme emerges. For a city to become internationally competitive and economically successful, it must be branded, shaped, managed and transformed.

City Imaging is not a new concept. City planners have always intervened in the reputation of their urban environment, through public parks, graffiti removal or public libraries. Yet the next generation of planners and policy makers are both more subtle and sweeping in their objectives.

The aim of this hub is clarify this re-definition, not only for fellow scholars and theorists, but also for city planners, mayors and community leaders. This area is not simply one of academic interest; it is integral to the economic progress of cities throughout the word that — following on from Richard Florida — wish to be categorized as 'creative.'

This hub is one of the more interventionist in the Popular Culture Collective. It is the point at which ideas and production can meet. Please visit one of our City Imaging projects.