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Body Works

Convenor: Min Young

The body has been the focus of much academic attention over the last decade. Even 'virtual' reality has made us much more aware that we are embodied. This interest shows no sign of waning - nor should it! We need more ways of theorising and understanding the body, and what it means.

This hub is intended as a locus to come to grips with, and examine, the latest theories of the body. Further, it is intended as a means to promote and practice an interventionist Cultural Studies. Issues of power map the body - whether this is in terms of gender, sexuality, race, class, (dis)ability, shape, and fitness - to name but a few areas of consideration.

The centrality of our bodies ensures an anticipated meshing with all the other hubs. The hub is intended to provide a forum for discussing and theorising the body, and providing an impetus for writing papers — both for presentation and publication over a variety of media. The aim is to move beyond the 'ivory tower' of academia and make our work accessible to a greater number of people. With this view in mind, we will also be seeking to enter a productive dialogue with artists and writers who are interested in interpreting, theorising, and representing the body.