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Tara Brabazon's blog

News clippings — November 2005

November 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Our first piece of news commenced on November 1 when Joanne Smith, our Web designer for the PCC. She delivered an outstanding presentation on the role of Crowded House in negotiation the differences and similarities between Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. It was great night and many members of the PCC were in attendance.

Jo in full flight.
Jo in full flight.

Neil, Min and Leanne.
Neil, Min and Leanne.

Rach and>Rach and Flick.

Carley, Flick and Matt.

Carley, Flick and Matt.

Director's cut — October 2005

October 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

Finally, after so much tragedy during the last twelve months, October seemed quiet in comparison. While the news has been haunting, much of television has been dire this year. The ridiculous reality television programmes where overweight 'competitors' are tested and attacked is not only corrosive to the self of participants, but effects how every single one of us thinks about ourselves and the right to judge others.

News clippings — October 2005

October 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Some fine news to report in October, and a completion of one of the projects we set ourselves for the year. Some of you may remember that the Critical Digital and Rhythm and Movement hubs joined for a combined project on mobile phone ring tones. The result of this research has just been published in the journal AQ — Australia Quarterly. My thanks are extended to Leanne McRae, Felicity Cull and Mike Kent for not only producing outstanding and timely research, but once more increasing the visibility of the PCC in public debate and discourse.

News clippings — September 2005

September 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Once more, busy month for members. We have been travelling (again), but also achieving.

Major congratulations to Jodie Bonomini who has completed her Bachelor degree, graduating on September 21 this month. Jodie is a remarkable film maker and film historian. She is an incisive thinker about the visual environment, and we all acknowledge her remarkable achievement and the continual achievements in her career.

Sonia Bellhouse has also been busy, being asked to contribute an article for the PEMS — Part time, mature aged and external students — newsletter. She has also just returned from the United Kingdom. It is great to have her back.

Director's cut — September 2005

September 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

I write most of these Director's Cuts from Perth in Western Australia. It is a tough, parched place. Generally, through September, the big wet of winter dries and the stark summer emerges. We often do not see any rain for four months. It is amazing. While in the UK there is a clear change to the seasons, Perth has digital weather: it is either raining or bone dry.

News clippings — August 2005

August 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Members have had a month of travelling and speaking. Leader of the pack is Mike Kent. The head of our Critical Digital hub, he submitted his Doctoral thesis in August, titled The Invisible Empire, and then immediately left the building — and the country — for a remarkable event. He attended the Cybercultures conference in Prague. He presented a paper on the Internet Domain Name system, and how Tuvalu, a series of small islands in the Pacific, has used this virtual resource. They will be publishing an ebook with all presented papers, and a printed book with an expanded version of the best papers within the next twelve months. Congratulations Mike on a successful trip, and the successful denouement of your PhD project. We'll now await the examination process. Proud of you.

Director's cut — August 2005

August 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

It seems each month I sit at my desk to write the next Director's Cut, another tragedy punctuates our television screens. The horrifying events in New Orleans invoked far more complexity than can be conveyed by the statement 'natural disaster.' There was nothing natural about those images. It was as if modernity corroded and a new ruthless system — of life, death, pity and rage — overcame our facades of civility, order and the rule of law.

Through the tragedy, a truth — a gritty truth — jutted out from the flood waters. Those who are poor, sick, old, young and black are the most vulnerable to any change in the social order. This disaster exposed how many live on the edge of poverty, sickness, fear and confusion.

News clippings — July 2005

July 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings All

Another busy month for PCCers. Once more, the diversity, energy and commitment of members have been an inspiration. This month, there has been a focus on gaining new skills and experiences.

DJ Enrico Nodari has been developing new music using Reason programming. He has also been diversifying from his specialism in progressive trance. He is collaborating with some MCs making hip hop and Perth-based DJ Nafe, making house-inflected electronica. We look forward to hearing his new rhythms and innovation.

Director's cut — July 2005

July 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

We will always see and remember July 2005 through bloodied gauze. The irony for those of us in the Popular Culture Collective is that the murderous events in London were punctuated by and through pop.

On July 2, 2005, the Live 8 concert was held. This event offered a new sort of politics: justice not charity and text messaging not money. Popular culture became the font for change.

On the Wednesday of the following week, London was seemingly rewarded for Live 8's success being granted the 2012 Olympics. Sport offered a pathway for a new city imaging, remaking the old core of Empire for the new century.

Director's cut — June 2005

June 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings to members and lurkers.

Although my day job is as an academic, at night I am a closet bibliophile and pop cultural collector. During my 6am aerobics classes I invent lists of pop trivia:

  • Best pop hair cuts
  • Best eyeliner use in a soap opera
  • Best use of an Ikea sofa in television
  • Best use of a Hunters and Collectors song

And the worst lists.

  • Worst tie in television
  • Worst boots in popular music
  • Worst celebrity use of hair extensions
  • Worst attempt by baby boomer rock critique to appear 'down' with the kids

I really don't need other people for this game. I can endlessly summon lists categorising and judging the culture around us.