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News clippings — December 2005

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December 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Again, much news this month. We start on December 2, when Debbie Hindley — head of the Tackling Sport hub — and I attended the ATEM (Association of Tertiary Education Managers) final breakfast talk of the year. Held by Professor Millicent Poole, the former Vice Chancellor of Edith Cowan University, she explored the role of sport in Australian society. Debbie and I had a fine breakfast. I enjoyed her company very much, and we hope that we represented the PCC at such an important event. Here is a shot of Debbie at the Matilda Bay restaurant on a lovely morning.

Debbie Hindley

To doctorate news. Mike Kent, head of our Critical Digital hub, has been awarded his doctorate, with high honours from his examiners. Congratulations Mike. We look forward to your continued insight and integrity in the years to come.

Adam Trainer, member of the Rhythm and Movement and Sound and Vision hubs, has just submitted his doctorate on Rock 'n' roll cinema. We wish Adam every good luck. We'll have everything crossed for you!

It gives me much pleasure to report that the head of our Sound and Vision hub, Christina Lee, has attained a full time, year long lectureship at Curtin University. Congratulations, Christina. Well deserved. This will be the first step in a distinguished career.

It is also my pleasure to announce the successful return of our Web designer, Jo Smith from the IASPM conference in Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. I'm currently trying to convince Jo to give us a report on her trip, but her success in undoubted.

We have also had a movement in personnel. The remarkable Rachel Shave, while continuing her talks and conference role in the PCC, has resigned her leadership of the Body hub. She has been a fantastic leader of the hub, and it is my pleasure to report that Min Young has agreed to replace her in this pivotal role. Our thanks to Rachel, and our respects to Min.

Finally, I'd like to give a personal thank you to Leanne McRae and Mike Kent for their support in helping me write and publish an article on senior citizens and their web literacies. As you may remember, Leanne and I attended the Local Government Association's conference this year, where I first presented this research. This paper has now appeared in First Monday.

A busy month for members, and it will be a busy year in 2006. Onward and upward.