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News clippings — July 2005

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July 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Greetings All

Another busy month for PCCers. Once more, the diversity, energy and commitment of members have been an inspiration. This month, there has been a focus on gaining new skills and experiences.

DJ Enrico Nodari has been developing new music using Reason programming. He has also been diversifying from his specialism in progressive trance. He is collaborating with some MCs making hip hop and Perth-based DJ Nafe, making house-inflected electronica. We look forward to hearing his new rhythms and innovation.

Cat Jack is widening her interest and commitment to cultural difference by learning Spanish. She is enjoying the challenging of a new language and the fresh outlook that offers to our world, in the midst of an environment that is closing itself off from diversity. Cat has always been enthused by challenge and moving out of her comfort zone. As always, we congratulate her on her initiative and belief.

Our man of style and taste, Chaz Jones has left Perth for a couple of years, travelling to the United Kingdom. Chaz is a talented radio performer and writer. We wish him every happiness and success in the next stage of his career. As always, we look forward to continual progress reports. The PCC is with you, Chaz.

We also have two other travellers in our Collective. Sonia Bellhouse is returning to the United Kingdom through August to visit family and her former home. Valerie Gowlett is shortly travelling to Aotearoa/New Zealand. During such difficult times, it is important to broaden out our lives and experiences, to understand difference rather than be threatened by it. Much respect to PCC members for their movements in meaning, and exploring the meanings in movement.

To all our travellers, I wish a bon voyage. Be safe. Be well. We look forward to your new ideas and stories upon your return.

I have just returned from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. It was a fantastic experience. It was so rewarding to see a city embrace debate and discussion about the topics of our time. I learnt so much, and I trust that the PCC gained profile from this journey.

Take care all — see you in August.

Be well.