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News clippings — February 2005

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February 1, 2005 by Tara Brabazon

Great work has been undertaken by all members in the last month, and much of this effort will reach fruition in the next few weeks. I wanted to take this February New Clippings to discuss a few members in particular.

Firstly to our Senior Researcher in the Collective, Leanne McRae. She's had an outstanding month of publishing. She represented us and discussed Liverpool of the South Seas on the RTR FM Breakfast programme earlier in the month. Her writing though remains a great reflection of the aims of the PCC.

I draw members to look at her recently published piece (February 2005) in Bad Subjects. Leanne has explored the difficult relationship between religion and politics, using Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 as her case study. Bad Subjects is an internationally known, high quality journal that asks the difficult questions in difficult times.

I particularly enjoy this URL, with its mention of the McRae Empire. Indeed, the Empire continued in a great writing coup for the Collective. Tourist Studies is one of the most important journals in its field. Published by SAGE, it is a profoundly significant journal. Last Friday, the most recent edition arrived at my house. The first article in this edition (Vol. 3, No. 3, December 2003) was Leanne's "Rethinking tourism: Edward Said and a politics of meeting and movement." It is the standout piece in the edition. Also, in her biography, she mentions the PCC, and lists our website. If you get an opportunity, then read her piece. She continues to be a Senior Researcher of both inspiration and leadership. Thank you, Leanne.

Now to other great members in the Collective. Sonia is one of our active and motivating members, being involved in so many of the activities of the Collective. We know of Val and Son's great work in furthering creative writing in the community. Both of our great members appeared in a Documentary on Equity Programmes at Murdoch University recorded this month. They were interviewed about their university experiences, and Sonia mentioned the PCC twice in the course of a 30 minute interview. Sonia and Val are great role models to us all, and remind us every day about the importance of learning, writing and thinking.

Continuing with Sonia, one of the first great reunions has happened through the PCC. We have had our share of personal joys, such as the birth of Lily to Ange and Dave, and the impending arrival of Lola to Amanda and Tony. But a special person read Sonia's article on Armadale in the City Imaging Special Project on the PCC website. Her grandson read the piece. They had lost contact for eight years. He is a student at the Manchester Metropolitan University studying Media, with a specialist interest in photography. What an incredible meeting.

I try to be a staunch, unemotional Director (not), but such stories are magical. Sonia, Val and so many of our members have fought against the odds to be successful and claim space for themselves. That such courage is rewarded makes me feel better in the world.

Much more news is coming in March. But it is important to focus on these great individual achievements of Val, Son and Leanne. Much respect to the three of you.

On to March …