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News clippings — November 2004

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November 1, 2004 by Tara Brabazon

And we thought October was busy. The members of the Collective have matched great public work with immense private joy. It is my pleasure to share some of these great moments with Members.

Births, Marriages and Travel: we are in the midst of all three. The PCC would like to congratulate Amanda — head of the Crit Lit hub — on her marriage to Tony. We wish them every happiness. They are great people. I have known Amanda since 1993, when I taught her in first year at Murdoch University. I was fourteen at the time (joking). But she has been a constant presence in my life and has brought great humour, compassion and style to all who have met her. Amanda is simply the coolest person most of us have ever encountered. When matched with the suave Tony, they are the most stylish marriage on the block.

I also mentioned Births. Angela Jones — our PCC Editor — is seriously pregnant as I write these words. We are talking eight and a half months. By December, the Collective will have its first baby. Every joy and congratulations to Angela and Dave. Much love to you both, and the impending smallest member of the Collective. At least we know that this baby — genetically — will have great taste in music.

Now to the Travel. Our Web designer — the remarkable (Dr) Carrie Kilpin — will be leaving Australia for a while at the end of this year. While still remaining a member of the Collective — and we will expect travel logs — she will hand over her web duties to our great and active member, Jo Smith. The transition between the web designers will take the next few weeks. Like Doctor Who's regeneration, it may take some time for a smooth integration of functions, but we are on the job.

On behalf of the whole Collective, I want to thank Carrie for her remarkable work on this website. I hope she is proud of the extraordinary structure she has created. I am incredibly proud of her.

One more piece of travel information. The convener of the Sound and Vision hub, Christina Lee, has returned to Perth after a trip to the United States. She attended a conference at San Francisco State University titled "Beyond the Frame." She had the opportunity of meeting graduate students from all over the United States. All were enthused with the energy and passion of great film. I will try to talk Christina into a full conference review for the hub. Well done on the great trip Christina. As always, you represent the Collective with distinction. Thanks to Debbie Hindley for 'minding' the Sound and Vision hub during Christina's absence. She did a fine job.

The other transfer of functions is also a transitory one. Because of Angela's pregnancy and impending birth, the editor functions of the PCC will pass to Carley Smith for November, December and the first half of January. We thank Carley for freeing Ange of this responsibility for a time.

There are only two more pieces of news. Firstly, the Felicity Cull publishing empire continues to grow. Felicity has written an extraordinary review of the film "Suddenly 30." I really love this article. She is making some incredibly important points about nostalgia, politics and the 1980s. There is fine work there, and I would be interested in the commentary of the Collective. Please refer to

Final news. With great pleasure, I announce that our four wonderful honours students in the Collective, Bek Sawyer, Jo Smith, Carley Smith and Min Young, have all submitted their theses. We will put up some of their work in the next few weeks. We are awaiting their results, but the Collective is proud of their research and efforts. Honours is a stressful experience, made survivable by great people. You are the best.

Be well — see you in December with a big Santa Hat.