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News clippings — August 2004

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August 1, 2004 by Tara Brabazon

Members have been busy finalising projects. The major achievement in the last month has been the submission of Carrie Kilpin's PhD thesis. Our web designer for the PCC has submitted her thesis, investigating women and the World Wide Web. We all congratulate Carrie, are proud of her achievements, and wish her well as we wait for the results. Some of Carrie's work is being prepared for publication at the moment. Details to follow.

Debbie Hindley, the Sports Guru of the PCC, has been busy monitoring 'men behaving badly' in Rugby League, Australian Rules Football and Association Football. A fantastic article has been produced from this research. Details of publication will be passed on when they come to hand. For some preliminary thoughts about this work, please click here for an article produced by Debbie and Tara for Online Opinion.

Leanne McRae has been busy, continuing her interest in — it appears — everything. She has published an outstanding analysis in Metro on the television programme Changi, and offered commentary on the gender politics of Universities in Online Opinion. Her work on tourism is shortly to appear in Tourist Studies, and a piece on Brad Pitt is currently being drafted for publication. Productive is not the word.

Our two film people — Adam Trainer and Christina Lee — are also finalising research. Adam is in the grips of a piece on 'the star vehicle' in cinema. From Elvis in Love me tender to Britney in Crossroads, there is much to say about the place of pop in film. Christina has been lost in Donnie Darko — working through popular memory studies — and producing some brilliant insights about time, Generation X and film.

Tara has commenced her monthly column on popular culture for Arts Hub. She has also been finalising the publication of Liverpool of the South Seas: Perth and its Popular Music. Many members of the PCC contributed to this book, and its launch in October will be a major moment of excitement for the Collective.