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Inaugural meeting — 30 July 2004 — minutes

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Meeting opened at 12:40pm

Present — Joanne Smith, Debbie Hindley, Rebecca Bennett, Rebecca Sawyer, Sonia Bellhouse, Jodie Bonomini, Christina Lee, Carley Smith, Adam Trainer, Cat Jack, Nadine Richards, Valentin Fyrst, Felicity Poole, Rose Newbury-Freeman, Fiona Wheeler, Natsu Power, Pip Doyle, Kathryn Locke, Mike Kent, Rachel Shave, Luke Jacques, Valerie Gowlett

Convenor — PCC director Tara Brabazon

Secretary — Leanne McRae

Apologies — Angela Thomas-Jones, Paul Stock, Aaron Williams

Thank you:
Thank you to Carrie Kilpin for her outstanding efforts at designing and maintaining the PCC website. Thank you to Valentin Fyrst for contributions to ideas for the PCC website in thinking about disability and access.

Official welcome:
The first official meeting of the PCC is reflective of the diversity, energy and enthusiasm of the Collective.

Aims of the PCC:
To activate the talents of creative individuals through a model of scholarship based on the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and the Manchester Institute of Popular Culture. The PCC will differentiate itself from these organisations by extending its reach beyond the university and focussing on community outreach, blending theory and production, creativity and objectivity.

Goals of the PCC:
The goals of the PCC will be achieved in three tiers. Forty percent will be devoted to promoting individual members and their careers. Forty percent will build connections between members and between members and community organisations and individuals. Twenty percent will generate change in and through popular culture, to both make and think about popular culture more effectively.

Hub reports

City Imaging — Kathryn Locke
A call for photos of cities and development projects and 200 word assessments and interpretations of local, national or international urban development trends. When moving through suburbs and localities that are being redeveloped Kathryn wants members to think about what is being changed and why, as well as the consequences of those alterations. Submissions to the hub must be made by end of October for presentation on the Mezzanine in November.

Tourism — Rebecca Bennett
The tourism hub is seeking to map the many different tourist voices. Rebecca will be submitting a survey to the hub and urges all members to complete it and distribute it to friends and acquaintances. Any photos of travelling experiences and places are also welcome.

Creative Industrial Matrix — Leanne McRae
A four-month project was launched by Leanne for the CIM hub. This project involves interpreting 'creative non-fiction'. Information is available via hub homework on the CIM page.

Tackling Sport — Debbie Hindley
Debbie urges all members of the hub and the Collective to support the FFASA or Football Fans Against Sexual Assault. An email is circulating with a petition to protest the 'alleged' sexual assaults percolating through football culture.

Body Works — Rachel Shave
Rachel offers her congratulations to Sonia Bellhouse for recent publication success. The body hub has a February seminar scheduled for 2005 and members are already working on papers. When they are completed they must be submitted to the hub so they can be circulated to other members before the seminar. Macquarie University is holding a 'Body Modification' conference and abstracts must be submitted by the 1st November 2004.

Sound and Vision Unit — Christina Lee
The SVU hub is soliciting film reviews from members. Christina requests that they not restate the narrative but offer a critical interpretation of cinematic material invested in reviewer's personal experiences and tastes. Review can be 500 words. They may also respond to other reviews members have read. Christina has a list of films she wishes reviewed that can be viewed via the SVU hub.

Critical Digital — Mike Kent
The Critical Digital hub is seeking submissions from any members interested in contributing a chapter to a book on the Internet, access, citizenry and democracy. The tentative title is Access all Areas: Creating an E-Democracy. Papers may be short or long (approximately 1000 — 2000 words is adequate). Proposals including a chapter outline can be submitted to Mike within the next two months.

2004 goals
The PCC defined the role of the senior researcher. This person is responsible for leading the debate within the Collective and will facilitate relationships between people as well as assist members explore new ideas and analysis.

The director, business manager and public and media relations officer offered discussion on the future launch of the PCC website. The PCC is a non-profit organisation that will rely on sponsorship of events to publicise the activities of the Collective. $500 has been spent procuring the domain name and IP address for the PCC online.

The PCC website will be launched publicly along with the Collective's first publication Liverpool of the South Seas: Perth and its popular music in October/November 2004 at 78 Records. Members must decide on a budget for this event and reach out to catering, musical, and other organisational connections to organise food, PA, band or DJ, advertising, printing, and beverages. The possibility of Little Creatures providing sponsorship was discussed, along with European Food Wholesalers.

PCC director
Tara Brabazon announced intention to secure the Premier Geoff Gallop or Sheila McHale to launch Liverpool of the South Seas.

All members must begin branding the PCC by ensuring the web-address is attached as a signature file to their emails.

Conferences report — Rachel Shave
Abstracts for the CSAA Conference in December have been submitted to the conference committee. Four panels from the PCC will feature — Edgy Empire, Creative Consciousness, Engendering the Body, and a Film panel.

Rachel urges members if not presenting at the CSAA in December or the Curtin Conference in November to attend and support the PCC sessions.

Other business
Sonia Bellhouse announces a $2000 essay competition in business and community partnerships for students enrolled at university. The student who wins receives $2000 their university receives $3000. Second prize is $600, Third prize is $400. The closing date is October 29, 2004. Contact 1800 359 918 for more information or

Members discussed the protocols for membership. The main concerns were over whether the PCC should accept recommendations and applications or remain open to anyone wishing to join. Mike Kent recommended the formation of a membership committee that assesses the merits of applicants. Concerns were raised over the exclusivity of such a system. The PCC does want to attract outside influence to resist appearing insular and elite. This issue was not resolved at the meeting and the director remains open to suggestions and thoughts on this matter. The ultimate aim for membership makeup is 50 percent university members and 50 percent from outside this organisation.

The director called for submission for a PCC logo. Anyone with design expertise should feel free to submit their logo for display on the Mezzanine.

Anyone with suggestions for a newsletter name should also submit their suggestions to the director.

The aim for the remainder of the year for the PCC is to consolidate the website.

The Critical Digital hub will feature call for papers for anyone interested in submitting papers to journals and conferences.

Meeting closed 1:37pm